Design Collaboration

We are highly collaborative partners offering significant insight in ways to define and enhance a variety of seating designs, as well as help better manage and control the overall cost of your seating package project.

Value Engineering

Our early guidance starts during the quote phase, where we can provide alternative perspectives on differing materials and design strategies (our value levers) to influence project specifications, lower overall cost, and help improve the chancing of you being awarded a project.

Eco Friendly Products

We are able to develop environmentally friendly seating products through the use of natural production material components. If desired, we are able to utilize sustainable and all-natural products to create the greenest end products possible. We can manufacture to green standards, but also recognize there are times when this is not feasible.

Delivery & Installation

 Spectra supports a variety of delivery approaches based on our collaborative customer relationships. Our clients can either pick up at our dock or, if more convenient, we can deliver to your site. We also offer superb non-union installation labor, if required.